Leagues and Tournaments

On the Fringe
Leagues and Tournaments

League Play Open to All in Laramie, WY

  • On The Fringe League is a play for fun league.
  • The cost for League Play is $40.00 per round, of which $10.00 goes towards league prizes.
  • League play days To Be Announced - League round may be played any day of the week. Players must play with a league member or ghost.
  • Courses change weekly.

Skins On The Fringe

Leagues Begin January 8th, 2023

Weekly indoor golf league, open to the public. A Different course is played each week on a simulator.

Prizes for Skins 2 Tie-All Tie
Prizes for low net scores.
$30 Simulator/Green Fee + $10 League buy-in provides great competition without breaking the bank.
League rounds can be played any day of the week.

We started Skins On The Fringe Golf league with one goal in mind: Playing a competitive round every week.

We want to provide a consistent place for people to play a competitive round of golf as often as they would like.

Round Play

All rounds will be 9 hole stroke play on the chosen course. Most rounds will be played on the front or back 9 of an 18 hole course. Each player will play the exact same course under the exact same conditions with the exception of the men's and ladies' tee position. Since putting can be very difficult on a simulator, a distance gimme will be set. Once on the green, 2 yards from the pin is 1 stroke, 5 yards from the pin 2 strokes, and any lie beyond 5 yards will be a shot to the pin.

Do I have to commit to playing every week?

No! There is never any obligation to play

No! There is never any obligation to play. Play as often or as little as you like. None of us are pros, we all have jobs, and lives, and families. Many play nearly every week, others play one or two times a month. There are no requirements for how often you must play, however, we have a season-long points race, similar to the FedEx cup, so the more often you play, the better your chances of qualifying for the championship round.

Handicap calculations.

You can use your GHIN handicap (or other course/league handicap) as a starting point. If you do not have a handicap, a self declared handicap can be applied. For new and inexperienced players a handicap not to exceed 27 will be applied for the first three rounds. After that, your handicap will be based on actual performance. We track and update handicaps for all league players. We calculate handicaps based on the USGA guidelines with one change; we use the scores from the first 3 rounds. We also use the Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) to adjust gross hole-by-hole scores for handicap calculations with another small adjustment: the highest score any player can take on any hole is 7 over par.

Playing With Ghosts

Each simulator accommodates 4 players and 4 players are required for the skins challenge. If you are playing with a group of less than 4 players, a ghost will be added to your group.


Payouts for skins are simple. The skins pot is divided by the number of skins and the entire skins pot is paid to the winners at the end of the league. Payouts are in-house credit and can be applied to any purchase.

Payouts for Low-Net depend on the number of players in the field and will also be applied to an in-house credit.